Analysis of Christmas Morning by Frank O' Connor

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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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Analysis of “Christmas Morning”
By Frank O’ Connor
Christmas Morning will be present when the sun rose from the East at the very special day when our Saviour Jesus Christ was born, December 25. But in the story Frank Connor wrote, it differentiate the fantasy world of Larry with full of hopes and dreams to the reality which they should accept with whole heart. Adding more to it, the characters’ attitude towards each other developed its plot from the world of imagination to reality. Three characters actually contribute to the gap between two different things, and they are Larry, the main character, the mother, who was known for her strictness in the story and his father, who was introduced as a common and drunkard father who usually went home late. And because of their interactions, the plot successfully differentiates the fantasy from reality.

Larry being the main character in the story was very much focused himself at rowdy and immature things he did with his friends. Although he is the eldest between the siblings, he does not receive the love his mother was giving to his younger brother Sonny. Maybe that is the reason why he is that immature. Larry hated his brother to the point where he actually wished Sonny did not exist. Their hobbies were very much different from each other. Immediately in the story, O’Connor highlights for the reader the differences between Larry and Sonny. Larry likes to go out and play before he does his homework, while Sonny is the more scholarly of the two. Larry is also playing with the Doherty brothers, who Sonny believes are beneath him, a fact that is reiterated when Sonny tells Larry that the police have been to the Doherty house. The very accurate reason why he hated Sonny is that because Sonny can spell better than him and plays up to his mother, taking what Larry believes is his mother’s affection. In all of these instances, Larry’s attitude towards his brother is very much typical of these times. It brings us to the...
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