Analysis of Characters in the Play Twelve Angry Men

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Analysis of Characters in the play Twelve Angry Men
a.Juror 1 or the Foremen is the leader of all jurors, he handles and has authority to lead discussion or voting, but he is not overly smart and wise. He is an assistant high school football coach.

“ we’re behind seven—six, but we’re just strartin’ to move the ball, off tackle, y’know. Boom! Boom ! boy, I’ll never forget that. We had this kid Slattery . a real ox. I probably forgot to tell you – I’m assistant head football coach at the Andrew J. McCorkle High School. That’s in Queens.” (pg 78)

b.Juror 2 is meek and hesitant person, he always feel difficult to maintain his own opinion and always agree with another jurors’ opinion, sometimes he adopt the opinion of the last person to whom he has spoken, maybe because it’ was his first experience become juror in court.

“ I mean, I’ve never been on a jury before” (pg 4)
c.Juror 3 is strong character; he is opinionated, forceful, and humorless. He wants everyone listen to his opinion and follow him, he also intolerant with other opinion. He appears to be stereotyping the youth of his time. The case of the boy's life actually resembles his own experience with his son. He is the owner of one company.

“it’s the kids, the way they are nowadays. Angry! Hostile! You cannot do a damn thing with them. Just the way they talk to you. Listen when I was his age I used to call my father “sir”. That’s right. Sir ! you ever here a boy call his father that anymore?” ( pg 23)

“really? I run a messenger service. “The Bck and Call Company.” The name’s by wife’s idea. I employ thirty-seven people…. Started with nothing. (pg 7)

d.Juror 4 is little bit rest person among all jurors, he speak calmly and well, he also wise person but in solving the case, he just concern to the fact of the case. He is a broker, his profession seems to find its way into his dealings with the trial

“ I don’t see any need to arguing like this. I think we ought to behave like a gentlemen. If we are going to discuss this case, let’s stuck to the fact. (pg 16)

“I am Broker” ( pg 7)
e.Juror 5 is serious juror, he is very serious to the case but he feels difficult to give his opinions or arguments in the beginning. He is sensitive person; he is extremely offended by the comments of juror 10 about people who grew up in his neighborhood. He suggests that not all people who grow up in the slum are bad, and that social status means nothing. He is the combatant to stereotypical thinking. He usually uses his personal knowledge and experience about slum when discuss about the case

“I’ve lived in a slum all my life… I nurse that trash in Harlem Hospital six nights a week” (pg 24)

f.Juror 6 is respect person, he will listen and accept other opinion and dig it more and more if it is different with his opinion.

“ Hey! What’re you talking to him like that for? (pg 52)

“ A guy who talks like that old man oughta really get stepped on y’kow”(pg 52)

“ You oughta have some respect, mister. If you say stuff like that to him again, I am gonna lay you out.” (pg 53) Juror 6 is working man, naturally his profession makes him difficult to make decision or opinion because his boss always makes all decisions. Its influence the way he gives his vote when his turn comes up to explain why he voted guilty, he uses the ideas that the experts have given, because he relies on someone else to do it for him.

“I’m not used to supposing. I’m just a working man. My boss does the supposing. Nut I’ll try one. Suppose you talk us all outta this and the kid really did knife his father?” (pg 43)

g.Juror 7 he is unserious and flashy person. He never serious to face the case, he only thinks about his plan to watch baseball match rather than sit as a jury. He obviously does not take seriously what he is supposed to be doing there. This seems like a poor excuse for deciding someone's life so quickly.

“What’s the difference how long it takes? We...
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