Analysis of Business Specialties

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  • Published : November 27, 2006
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Analysis of Business Specialties
Team Achieve identified three different potential types of consulting firms in our first meeting. We have since decided on the strategic model of consultancy. The new strategic consultancy firm will be named Achieve after the team. As a strategic firm Achieve will have the benefit of founding members with varied professional backgrounds. The drawback to the strategic format without a specialty niche is the need for continual refocus of team efforts to ensure the specific client¡¦s needs are met. The goal of Achieve will be to provide the best possible opportunities for growth, development, marketing, research and implementation of their industry specific goals. The other possible considerations for type of consultancy were a Human Resources type or a Generalist firm. The Generalist firm has the possibility of requiring an increasing number of skills with each new client, while quickly enhancing the skills of the team members. The Human Resources consultancy is a specialty firm that requires specific knowledge of current industry trends in salaries, benefits, affecting legislation, and provision of employee education and training. The nature of the Human Resources firm would require members of Achieve to undertake additional degrees and certifications in that specialty area. It is clear that focusing on strategies that can be applied in all industries will provide Achieve with the best plan for success. As Harvard School of Business (1999) explained it ¡§a powerful strategy makes a powerful competitor¡¨. A strategy development follows the creation of a competitive advantage organization; this can only accelerate the birth of a global competition innovation. As a strategic consultation firm, we will develop a strategy that benefits your organization¡¦s needs by providing the appropriate path to effectively reaching your goals. Strategy formulation is a combination of research and data analysis, analytical...
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