Analysis of Biograpy of Thomas Edison by Matthew Josephson

Topics: Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Telephone Pages: 2 (393 words) Published: April 21, 2011
Analysis of the Biography "Edison" by Matthew Josephson

Matthew Josephson does an excellent job of covering all the aspects of Edison's life and career. He portrays Edison as both a great scientist and inventor, but also gives the reader a look inside his personal life. Aside from writing about Edison's life works, Josephson also tells us of Edison's boyhood, home life, and finances. He even speaks of Mr. Edison's relationship with Henry Ford. Josephson remains objective as he describes Edison's failures along with his many successes.

In this biography, Josephson tells of Edison's responsibilities for some of the tremendous changes that occurred in Edison's lifetime. To some, electricity was just a novelty until Edison's light bulb put it in households all over the world. Joseph points out that it is Edison who can be credited for the lighting of cities across the globe. His 1093 patents were an achievement not to be matched by any.

The author highlights some of Edison's most famous inventions, such as the previously mentioned light bulb. He explains to the reader just how time consuming this invention was and how Edison sent people all over the world to look for the right material to make this project work. Although technical at times, Josephson manages to keep the reader interested as he details Edison's other indevours like the phonogragh and the kinetoscope, his making the first filmstrip, and of course, his improvements to the telegraph and Alexander Graham Bell's telephone.

Though this biography proves to be a nice tribute to Edison as a dedicated and hard working man of science, Josephson depicts Edison as a bit obsessive/compulsive in his work habits. He was known to work 20 or more hours per day when working on an invention. Josephson quotes Edison as saying "Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration". He also states that on the third day after Edison's death, America dimmed the lights in honor of this man...
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