Analysis of Beauty and the Beast

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  • Published : March 19, 2012
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Beauty and the beast tale has many motifs like the girl in the story are beautiful on the inside and outside. The younger sister always looks better than two older sisters and, the sister is always jealous of the younger sibling. The tale type is animal bride animal bridegroom. There are lots of animal bride bridegroom stories like the Pig King, The Fog prince, the Tigers Bride. In all of these stories the man is the horrible creature that either turns into a handsome wealthy prince or just a handsome young man. They are turn into these horrible creatures because fairies have put magical spells on them. Then the only way to break the spell they have to either fall in love with a beautiful young lady or marry one. Beauty and the Beast shows more power for a women than any other story.Beauty and the beast were first published by a French writer named Jeanne-Marie LePrince de Beaumont. Beauty and the beast were written in the 18th Century. The 18th century is when women had little rights till any at all. Women did not have an education but the men did instead. Women were just good for house work and raising the children doing this this time. The trouble of being rich to being poor. Beauty father had lots all of their wealth. They had to leave their fancy house and move to a form in the country. Beauty’s sisters hated that. When they moved to the farm Beauty did all the house work will the sister just picked on her? It was a hard job at first but, Beauty got use to and it became easier. So one day their father had to receive a letter that he had some shipment in. The older daughters heard about the news. They asked their father to bring back them some dress and Beauty asked for a rose. On his way home it was very cold and windy. He stopped at this humongous house where he eat and drank some wine. When he was leaving he say some roses and pulled a couple of the for Beauty. When he did that Beast appeared so the beast told the father how he felt...
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