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Name: ABDELRAHIM Abdelrahim

Barilla’s Key Success Factors

Barilla was founded in 1870.
Barilla sells Pasta, Sauce and biscuits all over the world
Barilla started with a small bakery
Barilla made pasta with eggs

Retain good management:
- Since Barilla was created it is governed by a family.
- Barilla left the artisanal zone and entered the industrial domain in 1910. - In terms of quality, Barilla’s pasta is with eggs
- The family leaves a marge of liberty for the managers but main decisions are taken by the family especially in what concerns the image of the trademark - Although it’s an international trademark, they don’t look for the standardization, there is a large flexibility on local level.

Name recognition:
- It was also the second Barilla generation that put a logo on the product ( an image of a baker breaking an egg). The new log is the same since 1960s, Its color is the famous red and white on a blue box. The new colors and especially the blue color with the new logo distinguished Barilla’s product in the dried pasta shelves. - The names that were chosen for the pasta were all Italian names which indicate the Italian reputation for the pasta. - The design and packaging of Barrila’s products played an important role in its success. - Publicity and employment of celebrities.

- The employment of Italy’s reputation in the domain of Pasta.

Product line breadth:
- Barilla provides a large line of production that compromises: Pasta, Ready-made sauces, Bakery products as biscuits, toasted bread, cereals, snacks, pastries, soft bread, brioches, power snacks, cakes and crisp bread. For example it produces 4000 tons of dried pasta in over 120 different shapes and sizes.

- The product is no more sold in loose, it starts to be sold in sachet. - The second Barilla generation equipped itself with a non-stop oven. - In the 1990s Barilla builds a factory and in 1995 starts a process of internationalization.

Purposes and strategy:
In terms of strategy, barilla decides to make a dish for poor people in the 1950s. This proves that they take into consideration the needs of customers. -In terms of vision and strategy: the Barilla family wasn’t interested in rapid revenues and growth; they were more concentrated on the stability of finances and quality.

Customer orientation:
- Barilla wants to change behaviors and consumption styles, ex. In France people used to eat the “Nouilles” and now they eat Pasta. - Barilla tries to impose its pasta as a main dish just like it is in Italy; Pasta used to be in France a secondary or an accompanying dish, but with time it became a main dish. - Barilla integrated a nutritional perception in its product -Adaption to the new global trend of eating healthy: they inaugurated the Center of food and nutrition under the slogan “Good for you, good for the planet”. - They also made lots of studies about waste.

- They constructed “Casa Barilla” where customers can see how the Pasta is made.

Customer motivation:
Consume as a side dish and a main dish

- To conquer new markets, especially Asia.
- Maintain the quality.
- To become number 1 in France, and the way to day that is to insist on their strategy on singularity variation and quality. - financial stability and quality

- It’s position against other competitors.
- They face regulatory problems in Asia.
- Variation doesn’t always work, ex. Cooked Pasta didn’t work and the new products were pulled off the shelves. Frozen Pasta didn’t work also because it would take time and effort to stock this kind of products. .

-Competition from other companies like Panzani which is first in France.

External analysis:
-The elements of macro environment elements are in PESTEL analysis. -Competitors (SCA):
Who are the competitors and how we evaluate? Against whom de we usually compete? Who are our most...
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