Analysis of Atticus Finch

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January 14, 2013

The Analysis Of Atticus Finch
Connor leadston
Kind and understanding, respected and wise, strict but fair. Atticus Finch is everything a father should be. A man that is strong and courageous, he is Jem and Scouts hero. He is their teacher, their proctor and their friend. He is very responsible and cares for them with all his heart. These are the things that make him an excellent and much loved father

Atticus’s relationship with Jem and Scout is both equal and respectful. The simple act of calling him by his first name of Atticus and not father, bring him to their level. He treats them like mature people not children, he respects them. This is demonstrated on page 239. Jem and Dill want to join Atticus and Calpurnia when they go to tell Mrs. Robinson about her son’s death. Atticus allows them to join them, having faith in their machority.When Scout asks Atticus why he is defending Tom Robinson, Atticus has a long and mature conversation with her about justice and raceisim. Atticus speaks to her like she is as old as he is. Atticus is not afraid to talk freely and openly with Scout.

Atticus teaches Scout and Jem manners and politeness at all times, he wants them to grow up and become respected citizens. Atticus wants Jem and Scout to also be respected by others and liked by all. ( ) When the children are playing the game Blue Radley, Atticus tells them he does not want them playing that game. Atticus tells Jem and Scout that he feels it is a rude way of making fun of a man who has done nothing wrong to society. When Jem and Scout invite Walter Cunningham Jr over to their house for lunch ( ) they make comments to Walter about how it is un natural for a boy to pour syrup over his meat and potatoes. Atticus corrects their judgment and manners; he explains to Jem and Scout that Walter is poverty stricken and...
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