Analysis of an Advertisement against Abortion

Topics: Pregnancy, Abortion, Fetus Pages: 3 (995 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Shahrose Khan
Engl 1301 Monday 6:00-8:50
B. Vasquez
Visual Analysis refers to interpreting the pictures in words. It includes taking into account all the verbal and non-verbal elements which communicate some sort of meanings in one way or the other. The picture depicts a fearful pregnant girl who is afraid of revealing her pregnancy to her mom, her reaction and thinking of aborting the baby. Purpose of the picture is to communicate to teenagers especially girls who are poised to unsafe sex practices and before marriage sexual relationships. It is also to somehow make them aware of the consequences and the bitter reality that sometimes teenage girls can be exploited. The message being conveyed is that the unsafe sex can lead to all sorts of different problems including pregnancy and how it leads to think about abortion. It can also be argued that early age pregnancy can cause some serious health damages both to the girl and baby. It also shows that it how can affect one’s relations with his/her family like mother – daughter relation. Audience of the picture is mostly teenagers as it shows a teenage girl who is the point of focus in the entire message which being communicated. The picture is also addressing that everybody can make mistakes. The elders should deal calmly with those kinds of matters. They should not make their kids afraid so that they choose abortion. The focal point of the picture is girl and her belly. It shows us how the girl is fearfully looking down at her belly thinking that my mom is going to kill me and in the meantime the baby is fearful of getting killed by her mom (the girl).Elements include sad and frowned face of the girl who is looking at her belly fearfully as she is thinking of her mom’s reaction on revealing her pregnancy to her and how she can get rid of this problem? The picture shows us that she is thinking of aborting the baby and the baby is fearful because of that. The girl seems to...
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