Analysis of 'Creep' by Radiohead

Topics: Pablo Honey, Scala & Kolacny Brothers, Angel Pages: 3 (756 words) Published: January 8, 2013
Artist: Radiohead lyrics
Album: Pablo Honey
Year: 1993
Title: Creep


* How does the use of simile contribute to the persona’s expression of alienation? (2 marks)

The simile "just like an angel, you're skin makes me cry" compares the object of the persona's desire to an angel, an ethereal being, in order to convey how unreachable and unapproachable she seems to him, thus contributing to his expression of alienation.

* What is the effect of the repetition of the word “perfect”?(2 marks) The repetition of the word "perfect" emphasises the importance of achieving perfection to the persona.

* Is the use of obscenity effective? Why? Why not? (2 marks) I believe the use of obscenity in this song is effective as it conveys the frustration and anger the persona feels at not belonging as well as his jealousy towards those who do. ("You're so f**ing special, I wish I was special")

* How would you describe the tone of this song? (2 marks) The tone in this song ranges from calm and quiet reflection in the verses to anger and frustration during the choruses.

* How is contrast used in these lyrics? (2 marks)
The lyrics in the songs opening contain very soft, gentle imagery of things like angels and floating feathers "in a beautiful world." Contrast is then created through the use of obscenity and a change from poetic language into blunt speech ("What the hell am I doing here?") This contrast heightens the impact the persona's anger and frustration over not belonging has upon listeners, emphasising how strongly he has been emotionally affected by it. [That contrast is much greater, by the way, when you listen to the scala & kolacny brothers choir sing it because they're children and their voices are so angelic, contributing to the angelic imagery in the lyrics]

* How is a sense of realism and verisimilitude created through these lyrics? (5 marks) The realism in this song...
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