Analysis: Nabisco and Vintage Ads Rhetorical

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Rhetorical Analysis on Vintage Ads

Rhetorical Analysis on Vintage Ads
Who doesn’t like a good snack? Quick and easy, affordable and takes forever to go bad. There are many different varieties, all with their own special traits. The National Biscuit Company ad from 1920 is very effective in its effort to appeal to the buyers’ sense of reason and emotion, and the use of the company’s credibility.

First off, the advertisement appeals to reason by using pictures that jump out at the customer to capture their attention. The ad also makes their product stand out by using key words such as “emergency”, “free”, “low in fat”, “sodium free” or low calorie. Another pitch would be to appeal to those consumers who have gluten sensitivity, by offering products that are free of gluten. Companies are taking time to responsibly validate their products and going the extra steps to provide tasty yet fun alternative to snacks that are favorites amongst consumers.

Secondly, the advertisement grasp at the emotion of its reader by using text that points out specific uses that the product can be used for. It describes small clues that usually wouldn’t be right in the front of someone’s mind.

Thirdly, the National Nabisco Company uses their creditability to show the reason for why you should by their product. The name says it all, blended in with many choices offered to the reader the make them even more persuaded to purchase their product(s). Additionally, retailers and manufacturers are using social media and word of mouth as a way to engage customers frequently. Consumers thrive on feedback and therefore are inclined to try new products more often. After gathering all of the information from the ad, I can conclude that the Nabisco Company has made a bold approach to its readers. By appealing to the ‘whole person concept’ the ad focuses on every little aspect of a person’s life to give them a clear reason to buy the product being advertised. Not only do the graphics stand...
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