Analysis Kentucky Fried Chicken's Cross-Cultural Marketing Strategies

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Analysis Kentucky Fried Chicken's Cross-cultural Marketing Strategies in China from the Point of View of Cultural Identity


With the acceleration of the process of economic globalization, enterprises face the consumer behavior differences caused by the cultural identity between countries inevitably in the process of international operations. So, corporate marketing executives should understand the cultural background of a country and develop effective marketing strategies accordingly. In cross-cultural marketing, the famous American chain of fast food restaurants - Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has made great success in China doubtlessly, after entering the Chinese market in 1986. As cultural identity has components related to vocation, class, geography, philosophy, language, and the social aspects of biology, this essay describes how KFC takes components philosophy and geography as cultural identity into account in marketing its products and services to consumers, with example explanations.

Philosophy with Advertising Strategy and restaurant Layout of KFC

Jameson (2007, p.211) defines that a broad, balanced conception of cultural identity includes components related to a person’s membership in groups based on at least six commonalities: vocation, class, geography, philosophy, language, and biology. When talking about philosophy, Kristof (cited in Jameson 2007, p.214) points out that the superior performance of Asian Americans on college entrance tests may result from Confucianism's long-term impact on attitudes toward education and parental authority.

As we all know, firstly, the Chinese culture is a typical continental culture, having a profound dignity; secondly, the Chinese nation has formed a personality of the pragmatic cultural character in the atmosphere of farming-culture; thirdly, the most important, the Chinese culture exhibits the influence of the "filial traditional" patriarchal culture. In short, as a result of Confucianism's long-term impact, Chinese people have a high degree of emphasis on blood ties; relying heavily on their faith of ancestor-worship; deepest respect of tradition.

KFC's advertising production is based on the fully study of Chinese national culture. In the ad-creation process, KFC caters the Chinese concept of family, ethics, love, pragmatism, to meet the Chinese people's values, life and world view through woven advertising. It's obviously that KFC's advertising in Chinese mainland introduces preferential information mostly; advertising involves concepts such as "happy" "family" "friendship" "hard scholarship" which Chinese emphasize greatly; advertising of Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan have laid particular stress on each culture, according to the specific conditions of different areas. Through the analysis of the KFC homepage, we can also find that KFC homepage advertising is the model of advertising localization. Canadian KFC homepage has a special "French zone"; Chinese mainland KFC homepage appears more fancy, specially equipped with sections called "The Gathering" "Love Preferential Price" "Happy Kids Meal" "Early Read, Breakfast And Exercise" and so on; Hong Kong homepage emphasizes "New Product" "Just-In-Time" "KFC All Over The World", showing Hong Kong is a fast-paced, international metropolis. It is visible that KFC gives full consideration to countries and regions in different cultural context of the characteristics when making its home page advertising.

In China, when McDonald makes its hip-hop style more and more modern and exaggerated, KFC is committed to the brand image localization. When Spring Festival came in 2003, KFC's restaurant mascot - Colonel Sanders changed its clothes into Tang suit, welcoming customers in more than 800 restaurants of the 170 Chinese cities. If today's Uncle McDonald has become synonymous with young, fun, vibrant and "cool", KFC grandfather represents the family, friendship, love and understanding of...
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