Analysis: Job Satisfaction

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Job satisfaction
The integral part of any management process is to manage people at work. A well Managed organization sees workers as the main source of quality and productivity. An Effective organization tends to promote a sense of commitment and satisfaction in its Employees. This paper identifies the relationship between the affective commitment and Today’s competitive world, the biggest challenge which the organizations are facing Is to retain talented employees. Job satisfaction is necessary to promote functional Employee behavior in the organization. For the organization, job satisfaction of its workers Means a workforce that is motivated and committed to high quality performance. Job Satisfaction can be an important indicator of how employees feel about their jobs and A predictor of work behavior such as organizational citizenship, absenteeism and turnover. Further, job satisfaction can partially mediate the relationship of personality variables and Deviant workplace behavior.

Employees staying despite job dissatisfaction
From the survey done by the Accenture,it was found that 43% women and 42% man are satisfied in south Africa in the work place. Showing that nmore than 50% of employees in south Africa are dissatisfied leading to unproductivity. But more than 70% of women and 64% of man have no intentions of leaving their current jobs,due to high unemployement rate. However those staying in their jobs while not satisfied tend to be less productive.The key reasons of dissatisfaction in south Africa are: being under paid,lack of opportunity for carrer advancement and feeling trapped. Satisfaction and productivity

The more satisfied you are the more productive you tend to be, therefore keeping staff productive and satisfied limit costly turnover and increase your overall business turnover. But finding good people and paying them well is not enough to ensure production because not every employee is motivated by monetary value.the answer...
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