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Analysis: Is the Rise of Internet Marketing Innovative or Intrusive?

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Analysis: Is the Rise of Internet Marketing Innovative or Intrusive?

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  • March 2011
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* The Rise of Internet Marketing; Innovative or Intrusive
A Shift in Concerns
The Internet has created a new marketplace where the flow of commercial goods and services can be acheievd with the click of a mouse. It has opened doors to communication and marketing methods that would not be feasable without the free flow of information made available by the Internet. The extremely fast paced growth of the internet has left people little time to soak in some of timplications that have come along with such rapid growth. Along with commercial ventures come concerns for consumers. The growth of the internet has created vast opportunities for companies to market to consumers through new communication mediums, and market to them in a more direct and personal manner. Although these new forms of communications have allowed companies to market to people on a personal level that caters to consumer preferences and behaviors, it has also opened the door for privacy concerns. Concerns related to marketing methods have been around before the evolution of the internet but traditional marketing concerns had been focused on limited topics prior to the rise of Internet Marketing. Generally, issues centered around two main concerns; deceptive or manipulative advertising, and the advertising of harmful or non-beneficial products.1 Although these concerns are still prevelant in the online marketing arena, the vast opportunities the Internet has created for businesses to reach and communicate with their consumers has created a shift in concerns. Issues have shifted from the products and messages that businesses promote to issues regarding the means by which businesses communicate and gather information from consumers, raising new issues of privacy and intrusion. The Right to Privacy

Internet growth has opened the door for methods that allow marketers to market directly to consumers in a way that targets their specific behaviors and preferences. The commercial benefit for companies is...

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