Analysis Growth of Mealworms

Topics: Hypothesis, Oat, Null hypothesis Pages: 2 (488 words) Published: October 12, 2010
Analysis Growth of Mealworms

The experiment is designed to show which substrate A or B will better nourishment for a mealworm.   A mealworm was placed in each substrate for a period of seven days and the change in mass from Day 1 to Day 7 was compared.   The data was compiled and statistically analyzed.   The experiment failed to reject the null hypotheses that there would be no difference in the two substrates regarding meal worm growth.   The conclusion that there was a difference requires more experimentation to obtain additional information. Introduction

Using the scientific method it is necessary to gain some knowledge about mealworms and the two different substrates. They prefer to live in areas where moist organic matter is abundant. Mealworms do not thrive in wet or moldy conditions.   Mealworms are easy to raise and multiply quite rapidly at 80 degrees F.   Size is largely a matter of feed and temperature.

The purpose of the experiment is to find out how the choice of substrate A, cereal or substrate B, peat moss will impact mealworm growth. Cereal is the outer covering or bran of the oat grain and is a stored grain.   Peat moss is a composed of the live part growing on top of a peat bog, and the decaying matter underneath. Materials & Methods

In this experiment, each group A and B was testing weight to see which substrate would make the mealworm grow bigger and faster. My group thought that if we feed the mealworm peat moss, then it will grow faster and bigger. The other group chose to feed the mealworms cereal. When this experiment began, we started each group started with five normal, living mealworm and we put them it in a seal canister tube and added ten cc of water. After seven days we weight the mealworms again to see our results. Results

The data collected for the measurement of the weight of the mealworm in a seven day period, varied tremendously, as you see within the charts. The result of our group’s worms showed a...
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