Analysis Footnote to Youth

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Footnote to Youth
By Jose Garcia Villa
1.Explain the title. In what way is it suitable to the story? Footnote to youth is the title of the story. It is said that it is a footnote to youth because it is abrief reminder for the Filipinos especially the youth of what a real life could be today. It also indicatesthe sources or the causes why youth act this way. It furthermore adds comment, whether it is apositive or negative, on today’s generation. Yes it is suitable to the story because it gives a warningfor those apathetic youth that ones committed mistake because of their stubbornness. 2.What is the predominant element in the story- plot, theme, character, and setting? Explain. The predominant element on this story is the character and the setting. The setting has a greatimpact because the story definitely empathizes the situations of a Filipino person and it is appealingfor us because we are at the poverty line. The setting is most likely the same setting as today. Alsothe characters, because characters had their own definite description, their conversation is differentfrom one another, and they act as unique as their personality it enhances the story even more. Theact of the characters seems to bring up the whole story. 3.Who is the single main character about whom the story centers? Explain. The story centers at the character of Dodong. Dodong is the one who represents the typicalyouth that experiencing a lot of uncertainties in life that make him realize that he sacrifice his youthjust for the sake of proving himself that he can manage his own life because he is matured enough toface this life’s challenges. 4. What sort of conflict confronts the leading character or characters? Explain. Internal conflict confronts the leading character. Internal character in a way that he wasstruggling if he can managed himself to have a family because he knows that he is in the legal agethat he can be independent and can definitely choose the right from wrong. But because of hisfoolishness, he had difficult time meeting the expectations that he must achieve. 5. How is the conflict resolved?

Actually, it was not resolved at all. Why? Because he just realized that he was wrong for beingstubborn and foolish that he was not listening to his parents about dealing with marriage, family andlife after marriage. And now that he has his own family, he just accepts the fact that it alreadyhappens. Also because of his unconditional love to Teang, he did not lose the battle and give up. Thestory just finished with realization and somehow patching up things for the sake of his family. 6. How does the author handle the characterization? Justify

It is the mixture of all the methods which are through description, conversation of eachcharacter, and their actions. Footnote to youth talks about the youth as of today. It make possible toillustrate what a typical youth will be in the story so as a result, the author really brings out eachindividual through describing them one by one. And in this story it comes to pass. It also embarksupon on how the characters will converse to one another and how they act in accordance on howthey stick to their main beliefs. As you can see every deed and tête-à-tête made by each of thecharacter are equally diverse. 7. Who tells the story? What point of view is used? Explain

The writer is the one responsible in letting know the story of Footnote to Youth. The omniscientviewpoint is used since a third person speaker who recognizes the whole thing about all thecharacters is all-knowing. The person who reads distinguishes about the impression and feelings ofall the characters in the piece. He knows every detailed event that happens on Dodong’s life. 8. Where does the primary action take place? Explain.

The primary action takes place on their farm land especially on the field where the crops areplanted wherein the ground is broken up into many fresh wounds and fragrant with a sweetish earlysmell. It has many slender soft...
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