Analysis Essay: I'm Bored- What your Child Is Really Telling You

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Marissa Wyatt
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Analysis Essay: I’m Bored: What Your Child is Really Telling You

In the short essay, I’m Bored: What Your Child is Really Telling You, by Linda Morgan, children everywhere are having issues with saying what they really mean when they say they are bored. Whether at home or in school, when a child says those two words, “I’m bored”, he may be in need of parental attention, redirection of school work, and direction in completing projects and activities. In today’s world, technology takes over a child’s extra time. Instead of going outside to play with friends or having a specific hobby, adolescents find themselves caught in an Xbox or computer game. Yet after they have beaten the game or moved on to something else they still complain that they are “bored”. But what does that really mean?

According to Dr. Danielle Kassow, when a child states that they are uninterested in whatever they are doing or working on, it could mean that they simply want their parents, teachers, and daycare provider’s attention. It’s common for a child to want the attentiveness of an adult. Being a kid in society today, direction is still needed by the parent; whether in school or not. Adolescents need that extra push in order to make up their own mind about what they want to do next or what they are interested in.

In order to help a child make up their mind, it could help to ask them questions like “what’s your favorite hobby” or give the child educational projects to do. These questions and projects will stimulate their minds and allow them to actually pay attention to something. Unlike a project that is hands on, games on any kind of technological device will allow them the chance to put their attention on something.

If a child comes home from school and starts their homework, says he is bored in the middle of the assignment, it could mean that he needs a redirection of school work. His assignments may not be as challenging as they need to be...
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