Analysis Essay of Ophelia

Topics: Love, Thought, Gertrude Pages: 2 (710 words) Published: April 30, 2009
In the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare, Ophelia is a beautiful and simple-mind girl, easily influenced by other’s opinions and desires. Always doing what she is told, even if it is not what her heart wishes. She is easily influenced by her father, Polonius and brother, Laertes the most. Later on the love letters Ophelia receives from Hamlet cause her mind to become confused, and is forced to choose between obeying what her father wants or following her heart. Ophelia is not able to understand what is really happening because of all the pressure they put on her to be someone else. The weakness of her mind and will that force her to obey her father causes her to go insane and die.

During the first act, Polonious and Laertes make Ophelia forget about Hamlet’s feelings toward her by saying that he is out of her league. That Hamlet cannot love her because he is of high royalty and will only play around with her feelings. That she will be a fool for believing Hamlet and should think more highly of herself, but Ophelia could only reply “ I don’t know, my lord what I should think” (I.iii.104). Used to relying on her father’s direction, she cannot do anything more but accept her father’s belief. She also was to obey her father’s orders not to ever see or talk to Hamlet again. Ophelia is confuse, she does not know what to think anymore, because to her Hamlet’s letters sound very convincing that he loves her. But because she is raise to be obedient and not thinking for herself, Ophelia can only go along with what ever her father and brother say ruining her chance of love with Hamlet.

Polonious then uses Ophelia as bait to prove to the King that Ophelia is the reason for Hamlet’s madness, which she willingly obliged to. This is showing that Ophelia is also being use by her father to please the king and not at all thinking about her feelings. Later on during a planned encounter, Hamlet put pressure on Ophelia by expecting her to be different from his mother’s doings....
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