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Topics: Alcoholism, Drinking culture, Alcohol abuse Pages: 2 (618 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Analysis Essay: "The Alcoholic Republic, An American Tradition."

Alcohol, Today when people hear that word, all they can think about is a drunken man and that drunken man being out of control. According to the book "The Alcoholic Republic, An American Tradition." Written by William J. Rorabaugh. Drinking used to be a more sophisticated act, it was used in many different occasions as useful things. Today alcohol can only be seen as a problem, but the question is, is that really the case? Do we think of it as a bad thing or a good thing? Also historically what took place? Those are just some of the questions that we can reflect upon when we read the book.

What does this book “ The Alcoholic Republic” talk start off to talk about? Well it talks a whole lot about the early stages and growth about alcohol, and a movement that took place called “Temperance movement”, that alone is a way to show how it is similar to beliefs and faith in this country.

To begin with, alcohol was used as a medicine which is saying a lot in its self. Alcohol was basically those peoples everything. The reason being is that because alcohol in the past was consumed on a much larger scale. People would treat it as if it was something that had no repercussions. People used it as a medicine, but they also used it to have a good time. So for them what could ever go wrong with drinking? Technology and medicine was not far enough for people to realize that they might be hurting themselves, so they drank with no fear. Today drinking is almost a taboo thing. People separate drinking from all actions and most people moderate themselves. Compared to back in the day today's heavy drinkers would probably be considered the norm from back then.

In both regards they are similar because drinking was used as a way to have a good time. Today and in the past drinking was something you do after a long day of work or when they wanted to hang out with friends.  Also drinking now and back...
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