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  • Published : March 13, 2006
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Dogville is a good movie that shows the truth of humanity. We wonder what the truth of humanity is. Is it the inevitable corruption of humanity? Dogville is set with a spare stage with chalk lines on the floor marking the town¡¦s locations, and there are only few simple furnishings. One day, a beautiful fugitive, Grace, arrives in Dogville. She wants to escape from a band of gangsters. Therefore, the townspeople agree to hide her, and Grace agrees to work for them. However, when the police come to the town and Grace is wanted, the townspeople want a better deal in exchange for the high risk of hiding Grace. Maybe some people will not agree with this movie especially those who believe in the good side of human nature, but they cannot disagree that some phenomenon this movie shows are quite true in life. This movie wants to prove the inevitable corruption of humanity. It reflects social values and negative humanity.

Social values are something that are perceived as good and preferred. It also refers to enduring beliefs about how things ought to be or should be. In addition, it is usually built on exchange demands because human natures is greedy. When you give people more, they will take more. Finally, they are used to what they have. For example, Grace¡¦s experience is a good example. Tom says to Grace: ¡§Dogville has offered you two weeks. Now you offer them...¡¨ (Dogville).Then, ¡§Grace follows Tom¡¦s plan and embarks upon physical labor¡¨ (Dogville). This example shows that social values are built on exchange demands. Besides, Grace¡¦s help leads to greater demands on her. Once people know that Grace needs more help, they want to get more from Grace. As Tom says: ¡§from a business perspective, your presence in Dogville has become more costly¡¨ (Dogville). Therefore, Grace gives more to the townspeople. She doubles her job. She makes people think being thankful means that you need them and you will not exist in this world without them. Being thankful for a...
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