Analysis Dill Pickle

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  • Published: October 8, 2012
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(Short story by Katherine Mansfield)

A dill pickle is short story which tells about a woman who meets again with his beloved former that she hasn’t seen for six years. They were met again at the Café unintentionally. She is Vera. A woman who is really loved the man, but she also was broken the relationship with him. She came from rich family. It can see when she had a little pot of caviar which had cost seven and six pence. She really likes playing piano. On the other hand, the man who is really loved Vera too, came from poor family. But it changes after six years later and he go around to many countries. He often interrupts the conversation, especially with Vera. It made Vera hate him. That his habit didn’t change until they have meeting again. Beside that, the man is so self engrossed and often unconcerned his sweetheart, Vera. He always busy with himself than anybody else. But, between Vera and the man have some similarities, such as egoist, loved one another, and have desire to go to Russia. The story began when Vera looks the man who was sitting at one of those little bamboo tables decorated with a Japanese vase of paper daffodils. We usually called Café. The situation of this setting is so quiet, like The Café which nothing visitors beside them. Both of them felt shocked when their eyes view one another. The man invited Vera to sit with him and have coffee. Hesitate, she complies it. After Vera sits, they are making little conversation. But suddenly the man interrupts her, call the waitress, to order some foods. It was remind Vera to six years ago when the man stopped in the middle of what she was saying. It’s same, nothing changes until they’re met again. The man retell about the sweet memory at Kew Gardens, when he didn’t know the names of any flowers. Finally, he knew it one by one, such as Geranium, Marigold, and Verbena. It was a sweet memory for him. Different with him, Vera don’t think so. It was a bad memory...
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