Analysis: Death of a Salesman

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  • Published : November 1, 2010
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This is your life, Biff Loman
I: Interviewer
B: Biff
C: The couch
Be: Bernard
W: Women

I: Welcome to the “This is Your Life, Biff Loman!” TV show, we are interviewing Bill Loman from “A Death of a Salesman” about the occurrences in his life and his realisation of many pivotal events which caused his revelations. (Audience clapping)

I: In the originally we see that Biff eventually succumbs to his father’s tactics – with fateful consequences, however the discovery that Willy has a mistress strips him of his faith in Willy and loses his ambition to study and succeed. Biff how do u feel about your past?

B: The past brings back many joyful yet many memories which caused the deterioration of my family and their situation. I’ve realised that without the past I couldn’t have been the person I’ve become currently. Subsequent to the death of my father, Willy Loman I was determined to break through the lies surrounding the Loman family in order to come to realistic terms with my own life. Ever since my adulthood I longed to understand myself even if that understanding is neither flattering nor accurate and also by my father is blind faith in a skewed, materialist version of the American dream. Since the conclusion of “Death of a salesman” I have been offered many different employment opportunities and found a stable job which I have been currently employed for approximately 20 years which enabled me to provide a home and future for my family.

I: Thank you Biff Lowan for your contribution, and yes we can absolutely see the transformation of your previous life in contrast to your current established life. The audience realises that Biff had flaws since his childhood reflected by the scene where he steals the football. Couch, how do u feel about this incident and after hearing about his relationship with his father in the past?

C: A father’s greatest moments that he treasures is when his children are still young and still having high hopes for their...
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