Analysis: Dave Barry's On The Swimsuit Front

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  • Published : July 3, 2011
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After reading Dave Barry’s editorial titled “On The Swimsuit Front” I realized that women are their own biggest critics. As he addressed the issue of how self-conscious women are about their bodies, I found myself thinking the exact same thing. Every time we take a bite into a piece of chocolate, the calorie count or amount of fat is floating around in the back of our mind. Of course, at that moment in time, it doesn’t stop us, but it sure does haunt us.

Virtually any female during her lifetime has worried about her body measurements. In a recent study, females between the ages of twelve and forty-five have admitted to being apprehensive or self-conscious about their bodies. Personally, I don’t feel like any twelve year old should worry about their body size but it is happening and I’m trying to understand their impulses behind admitting their apprehension. Young girls and many women should be spending their summers on the beach, happy, regardless if they are overweight or not.

Women being worried about their weight originate from being stereotyped. If we, as individuals were more accepting of people, maybe women would be more comfortable with their bodies. Whether we’ve constantly munched on candy, or chocolate, or stuffed our face at thanksgiving, women should still have the right to show off their bodies, just like everyone else. Now, of course, because we aren’t that accepting, women resort to going on diets.

Imagine, it’s the start of a new year and we tell ourselves to start fresh, keep to our perfectly planned diet, exercise every day to produce that amazing, healthy body you always wished for. Now, put yourself at the end of that week. You haven’t made any progress yet, have you? Those New Year’s resolutions you had in mind haven’t been so effective and you’re back to square one. Therefore, you basically punish yourself by cutting back on the chocolate and replacing it with lettuce, or stopping eating candy and starting to eat carrots. But, that...
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