Analysis: Baby Lips

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  • Published : February 14, 2013
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Kelsey Rogers
Keri Mathis
English 1102
January 31, 2013
Baby Lips

Individuals view thousands of different images every single day. Different aspects of these images trigger impulses for individuals, and these different visualizations influence our actions and emotions. Watching television, reading magazines, and passing billboards all influence people on a daily basis, but how these images pull us in and capture our attention is often put aside. A picture is worth a thousand words so visual texts are easier to interpret. When the audience digs a little deeper many underlying components are found inside visual texts. I chose to analyze a visual text for a cosmetic ad out of Seventeen Magazine. Maybelline was successful with this advertisement with use of color, page layout, and the implication of scientific information.

This ad is mainly directed towards women. It is a single image of that is a part of the Maybelline New York cosmetic series. The ad contains a beautiful young woman wearing very little make-up. She is wearing Baby Lips Lip Balm. You can tell the ad is about the lip balm because her lips are the main focus of the image. The look perfectly moisturized and renewed. The bright pink and blue tube of the lip balm stands out and draws your attention directly towards it. This visual text is to sell this lip balm to women, and show the can have perfectly hydrated lips.

While analyzing this visual text I noticed many elements that were prominent that included; vibrant colors, bright lighting, and an attractive model. There is also a lot of bold text that stands out. The brightness and vibrant colors are the first components to grab the audience’s attention. The attractive model is placed perfectly on the page, along with the bold text right next to her face. Looking closely one would probably never realize that there are many elements to this visual text that are repeated. On the side of the page the bright pink and blue tube of lip balm is...
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