Analysis and Interpretation of Tell Me

Topics: Short story, Fiction, Domestic violence Pages: 3 (1092 words) Published: November 22, 2010
Analysis and interpretation of ”Tell Me”

”Tell Me” is written by Zoë Sharp, and was published in 2006. The story concerns the problems of a neglected, lonely and insecure pre-adolescent girl, and the problems of social inheritance.

The story depicts the problems and worries of the troubled mind, of a young girl, who is the victim of a crime. Crime scene investigator Grace McColl, has to look into the young girls case. Grace is trying to figure out what has happened to the girl, by interviewing her about the incident. The girl is heartbroken, and feels as if, the whole world has turned its back on her. Grace digs in to her past by reading her hands, and by using the experience, that her job as an crime scene investigator have given her.

”The girl looked unaccountably pleased at this praise and it occured to Grace that she must have received very little by way of approval in her short life. She thought of her own mother, who lavished praise and nurtured self-confidence in her only child. Ironic, then, the pre-adolescent Grace had always been so desperate to win the approbiation of her more distant father” (p. 40 ll. 36-41)

This passage of the text clearly illustrates the reason to why Grace can read the girl as good as she does. It is probably because Grace have had a childhood similar to the the victims, without a present father figure, who cared about his daughters life and well-being.

The young girl’s story is tragic. Her mother is a prostitute since it’s the only solutiuon for her, in order for her to pay her rent, and keeping her and her daughter of the streets as homeless people. The father abandoned the family early on ”Grace’s eyes opened. ”Your father left when you were young” she began. ”Your mother blamed you and lost herself in the bottle - pills or booze, or possibly both”. (p. 41 ll. 17-19)

This is the common denominator for Grace and the girl, and the reason to why there’s an understanding and acceptance from the girl, who...
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