Analysis and Design of a Multi Storey Reinforced Concrete

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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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Program| BSc in Quantity Surveying & Construction Management| SHU DUBAI BATCH -02| Module Number| 26-6017-00S| Module Title| Cost Studies| | Assessment| 01|
Assignment Title| Pre Contract Cost Planning and Cost Controlling | Lecturer| Upali Fernando|
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Date Handed Over| 05.10.2012| Due Date| 19.10.2012|
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This assignment constitutes 25% of the unit’s total assessment.

Quantity Surveyors can provide a full system of Cost Planning for the clients in order to control expenditure, ensure that the client receives better value-for-money in both design & construction, and that the project cost is kept within the agreed budget. In providing Cost Planning for clients, several advantages can be achieved which includes, 1.       The tender sum is more likely to equate with the approximate estimate 2.       There is less possibility of addendum bills of quantities being required 3.       Cost-effectiveness and a value-for-money design are more likely to be achieved 4.       A balanced distribution of expenditure is likely to produce a more rational design 5.  Cost considerations are more likely to be taken into account because of the greater involvement of the Quantity Surveyor during the design process 6.    The amount of pre-tender analysis by the architect and quantity surveyor should enable more decisions to be taken earlier, resulting in a smoother running of the project on site 7.       Cost planning provides a basis for comparing different projects Apart from providing a full system of cost planning, as quantity surveyor we can assist the architect with comparative...
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