Analysis and Business Strategies for Club Gelato: A Branded Ice Cream Parlor

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Club Gelato

1. Company Profile:
Club Gelato is an ice-cream parlor offering Italian gelato with different flavors. It is a joint venture of Singapore and Bangladesh. In Bangladesh there is only one branch of Club Gelato which is in Banani 11. They take all the materials from Italy and manufacture the ice-cream over here. Club Gelato has made quite an impression on ice-cream lovers with its unique flavors, including the famed “Ferrero Rocher”. Club Gelato also serves gourmet coffee and delicacies such as cheese cake, chocolate crunch cake, and tiramisu. Most of their desserts make excellent combinations with their gelato flavors. Club Gelato's atmosphere is spacious, trendy, and comfortable. It is a favorite amongst everyone! 2. Product Profile:

If anybody has a weakness for sweet, Club Gelato guarantees to satisfy him or her. Club Gelato offers various types of ice cream, shakes, coffee, tea, cakes, and other sweet items. Gelato is a fairly new chain here in Dhaka, and so all the kinks, such as décor, are not yet worked out. However club gelato assures that the mouth-watering ice-creams will definitely make the day more cheerful with its outstanding service. Club Gelato usually prepare soften ice-cream. For the health conscious people they have three types of sugar free Ice-ream such as Hazelnut, chocolate and coffee. They have specialty offering on Sunday. It is open every day up to 10.30 to 11.30. During special events such as Eid, Valentine’s Day, Friendship day, Pahela baishakh Club gelato has more sales. They have the highest sales volume on Ferrero Rocher. 2.1 Main Brands:

Club gelato has 80 different flavors for its ice-cream. 25 flavors are displayed on everyday. Their main brands are –

Ferrero Rocher
Blue Berry
Butter Scotch
RIS & Latte
Cotton Candy
Green Mint
Black & White
Sugar free Mocca
Apple mint
Chocolate Mint
Java chips
Fruits forest
Chocolate chips

2.2 Manufacturing Process:
In Bangladesh there is only one branch of Club Gelato which is in banani 11.There business is a joint venture with Singapore and Bangladesh. They take all the materials from Italy and manufacture the ice-cream over here. 4. Marketing Strategy and Consumer Behavior

3.1 Market Segmentation:
3.1.1 Identifying Product Related Need Sets
Organizations approach market segmentation with a set of current potential capabilities. These capabilities may be are reputation, an existing product, a technologies, or some other skill set. In this Case of Club Gelato, The marketers had to find out about that certain need set that will define the perfect product for their consumer. Club Gelato has decided to provide the customers a very good environment with good taste flavor ice-cream. They are targeting a higher income people who like to taste the delicious food with good environment and service. The consumers are used to lead luxurious life and follow westernized culture. They would mind to pay extra money for entertainment and if it is ice-cream they become more excited about it. 3.1.2 Grouping Customers with Similar Need Sets

The next step is to group customers with similar need sets. That means the people who have similar need. Club Gelato has identified the customers who are interested in Branded ice-cream, Good Environment and also Good service. Obviously the main theme is Taste and Flavor but Club Gelato also emphasizes on others factors also.

3.1.3 Describe Each Group
In this stage Club Gelato described in terms of their demographics, lifestyles and media usage. It is necessary to have a complete understanding of the potential customers. They has identified base on their Income level. They are: 1. Upper Class People

2. Upper Middle Class People
4.1.4 Attractive Segments to Serve
Once Club Gelato is sure we have a thorough understanding of each segment, they must select their target market. The size...
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