Analysis 3 a Raisin in the Sun

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A Raisin In The Sun
A Raisin In The Sun is a play, or story written by Lorraine Hansberry about a family, the Youngers', living in poor conditions, and not being able to afford better. Even though the family is a very hard working family, especially Mama, Walter, and Ruth, they just cannot get themselves out of poverty, and improve their living conditions. However, an opportunity comes along and Mama proves to Walter that it is not just about dreams of a better life, but pride and family values are important as well. Mama teaches Walter a lesson about life, and about family. Mama's old-fashion pride, and family values bring this whole family together, and she teaches Walter that money does not buy happiness.

Furthermore, optimism plays a very large role in this play. Mama is very optimistic about what she can do for the family with the money from her late husbands' insurance check. However, when Walter loses the money in an investment, she gets mad at first, but then decides that they could just remodel the place they live in. She states "I sees things differently now. Been thinking 'bout some of the things we could do to fix this place up some" (496). In addition, she says "Why this place to be looking fine. Cheer us all up so that we forget trouble ever come" (497). This shows that Mama is very optimistic, and that she would do anything to hold her family together until things are made right.

In addition, I believe Walter is very caring towards his family, but he just forced himself into a mistake by losing all the money. Walter is stuck between a rock and a hard place because, like his father, he has dreams, and he wants his family to have a better life by investing the money in a liquor store. Walter wants the money so that he can prove that he is capable of making a future for his family. Walter thinks those dreams can buy his family happiness. Not to mention, he is trying to take care of the responsibilities of being a husband and a father. He is...
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