Analysing the Opening of 'the Breakfast Club'

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  • Published : October 17, 2012
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The Breakfast Club
The "Breakfast Club" is a teen-comedy, released in 1985 and was directed and produced by John Hughes - who was best known for scripting or directing the most successful films of the 1980's and 1990s, for example: Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Sixteen Candles, the three Home Alone installments and 101 Dalmatians. This film also stars five of the most well-known actors and actresses of this time, who had starred in similar productions throughout the 1980's. "The Breakfast Club" is a film which revolved around rebellion and the high spirits of the 1980's and reflects heavily on the issues of individualism and stereotypes in a High School setting. The use of a non-diegetic sound, which is a strong drum beat played over the opening credits, sets the mood straight away and reflects the rebellious attitude of 1980's America, the music starting also provides a signal to the audience that the film has begun. The first thing the audience sees on the screen is the logo of the film company 'Universal' and leaves them with the expectation that they are going to witness a quality and mainstream Hollywood film and also, since the opening credits state that it is a 'John Hughes film', this gives off the impression that it shall be a film of high quality due to his previous films being largely successful. The title of the film then appears onscreen and is formatted in a simple and easy to read way, with the yellow font colour on the black background providing contrast, therefore making it easy for the audience to focus on it. Following the cast member credits, a quote by David Bowie "...and these children that you spit on, as they tried to change their worlds immue to your consultations, they're quite aware of what they're goig through" appears onscreen and this quote has been cleverly chosen, seeing as it gives a strong link to the theme of rebellion and played over this quote and the majority of the opening credits is the song: "Don't You Forget About Me"...
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