Analysing the Films, Tmorrow When the War Began and Bridewars

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  • Published : February 26, 2011
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In this essay, I will analyse and discuss the theme Revenge and Consequences portrayed in the films Tomorrow, when the war began, Bride wars, Troy and Man on Fire. Revenge is when a harmful action is made against a person and Consequence is a result or outcome made from that one action. This essay will analyse how the characters in these texts are affected by “Revenge and Consequences” but to differing extents. Overall this essay will explain not all consequences to revenge are happy endings, they are all destructive. The film, Tomorrow, when the war began, (2010, Stuart Beattie), portrays the theme, ‘Revenge and Consequences.’ This theme was shown through the character, Ellie Linton, one of eight teenagers taking risks in a guerrilla war, for the sake of a personal vendetta (against the hostiles who invaded because they took away what they took for granted, for example, freedom) risking the consequence of losing her closest friends. At the beginning of the novel we learn about Ellie’s life as a country girl who is a ‘tomboy’. Ellie was brought up on the farm and had no worries doing practical farm things like: driving the landrover, tractor, working with stock and mending fences. Ellie however, is unsophisticated and not that in touch with her feelings. She has never faced a war situation where she has had to hide, dodge bullets and murder to keep herself and her friends alive.  Ellie and her friends soon discover their family are gone and decide they want revenge, also putting others in danger. Decisions are made and questions are asked. Homer asked Ellie, “What do your instincts tell you?” Ellie replied, “That it’s time to go to war” This quote tells me that Ellie has opted for revenge without knowing the consequence. The theme ‘Revenge and Consequences’ was an important theme because it was a dominant theme in the film. We see it in action through the...
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