Analysing Photographs

Topics: Australian War Memorial, Reason, Australia Pages: 2 (387 words) Published: March 16, 2011
Analyzing Photographs
1.Who took the photograph (if known)? What is the source (if stated)? The photograph was one of a series taken by Corporal Robert Willie Nenke, who was killed in action on 10 August 1918. The photograph belongs to the Australian War Memorial. 2.Where is the location? When was the photograph taken?

The photograph was taken in action on a battlefield. The Australian soldiers are in trenches. The location is in Pozieres, the photograph was taken on 1916. 3.Has the photograph been posed or has the photographer simply recorded a scene? Has the photograph been cropped and if so has this changed its meaning at all? Has the photograph been changed by adding or removing any details? The photographer simply recorded a scene; they were in action in a battle. There is no evidence that the photograph has been cropped but there is a chance that it was cropped. There is also no evidence of any obvious change in adding nor is there change in deleting with the image. 4.Is the photograph taken from close up or from distance and does this affect our reaction to it? The photograph was taken from close up. This affects or reaction because first we see young men using highly dangerous weapons for example machine-gunnies. Afterwards we can see the poor conditions they are in the trenches. They are in a battlefield and they know that they can be killed with just one grenade. 5.What is the main subject? What background and minor details are shown? What extra information do the minor details add? The subject is some young Australian soldiers in a battlefield. The background has died trees around I think that there was fire around some time ago. The extra information that the minor details tell me that the war was on for a while. 6.Why was the photograph taken (if known)?

We don’t know exactly why the photograph was taken, whether for personal or historical reasons. But I believe it was taken for historical reasons to show us what kind of hardship the troops...
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