Analysing Nike's "My Butt Is Big" Advertisement

Topics: Woman, Female, Mass media Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Commentary: “My butt is big…”
The text is an advertisement, by the Nike Corporation, that endorses women’s sporting products. The tenor consists of an assertive, satisfied and self-assured woman whom boasts confidently of her own “butt”. Consequently, the mode of the text can be both spoken and written, as the voice of the woman speaks colloquially, using everyday language.

At first glance, readers may identify the emphasis on the words “my butt is big”, as the words are enlarged and bolded. Their attention may shift towards the female model (whom is dressed in sportswear) to confirm whether or not that is the case. Some readers may be surprised to find that the model is not the stereotypical, stick-skinny woman whom the mainstream media commonly depicts. Alternatively, the model proudly shows off her curves, including her bottom, in the advertisement. This avant-garde advertisement may appeal to the implied readers because it stands out amongst the masses of commercials. As opposed to the conventional advertisements that focus on women’s superficial appearances, this Nike commercial may strike to readers as a unique advertisement as it promotes pride in healthy body figures.

The woman’s description of her own backside has a poetic structure – the lines do not consist of complete sentences, but instead, are composed of phrases. Moreover, the outline of the text bends and turns, as a way to accentuate the woman’s curves. This perhaps underlines the speaker’s strong self-esteem and self-worth. The speaker begins with the analogy, “Round like the letter ‘C’, And ten thousand lunges, Has made it rounder, But not smaller, And thats just fine.” The speaker compares her butt to the letter “C” through intertextuality. The simile creates an efficacious image in the readers’ minds, as they can associate the curve in the letter “C” with the contour of the speaker’s butt.

The choice in diction and expressions makes the tone of the text witty and amusing....
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