Analysing Coca Cola Advert.

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  • Published : December 10, 2005
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Always Coca Cola

Coca cola has always fascinated its customers by their brilliant advertisements. Leaflets, T.V ads, and billboards are different kinds of advertisements that Coca Cola Company use to promote their products. Coca cola had carried on a sophisticated plan that made the company thrive for more than 100 years. The company was founded in 1886, and currently its income is greatly more than most developing countries as mentioned by Pendergast. in For God, Country, and Coca-Cola. The artistic design, popular celebrities, respectable charities, sports sponsorships and well written slogans, all combined to make Coca cola's advertisements successful.

The shape and colors of the Coca cola is eye catching. The bright colors used grasp ones attention. The red color of the can along with the white wave underneath the "Coca cola" word creates a vivid image in ones mind. "The wave shape (known as the dynamic ribbon device) present on all Coca cola cans throughout the world derives from the contour of the original Coca cola bottles" (Coca-Cola1). Coca cola bottles are 'trademarked', their shape is designed in order to be recognized world wide. The red background with the celebrity's white dress forms the original Coca cola colors. The fizz coming out of the can looks so tempting, as it increases ones motive to go grab a Coca cola can. Apart from the red and white colors, the word coca cola is written in a fancy looking font which makes the can much more attractive. A picture of a beautiful popular singer is placed on the Coca can, and that makes it more alluring. In most coke advertisements, people seem to be enjoying their time. The well known, popular Lebanese singer "Nancy" in the advert is holding a can of coke with a very big smile on her face, which indicates from the Ad. that Coca cola helps people enjoy their time. Coca cola innovative design and creative shape has succeeded in making the refreshing drink looks very tempting.

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