Analysed Contemporary Health Issue.

Topics: Non-profit organization, Voluntary association, Management Pages: 3 (867 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Analyzed contemprorary Health Issue- grand canyon university (rough draft No citation sorry) In this essay, the issues of diabetes will be examined. This disease exists when the body cannot regulate the amount of glucose in the blood. Because of this, the body fails to either produce or properly regulate the amount of insulin and thus causing the body to lose the ability to break down sugars and starch. Although the actual cause of diabetes is unknown, genetics and environmental factors like obesity, and poor exercise are likely to expose people to the such diseases. This essay will identify how the disease impacts the healthcare organization from a business point of view, whether differences do exist between how profit organizations and non-profit ones are impacted by the above disease, perspectives and responsibilities of financial management staff and the rules and regulations financial management could possibly address concerning diabetes. Both profit and nonprofit organizations are affected by diabetes in many different ways. The way non-profit organizations manage finances creates a unique structure that provides for the implementation and funding of diabetes, this one plan for a non-profit organization would not work in the same manner for profit organizations. Non-profit organizations usually have a plan that reduces the cost of implementation unlike profit organizations. The main objective of a profit organization is to earn money over the amount that has been invested. Non- profit organizations are usually owned by communities and their main objective is to better serve the people in the community without the purpose of maximizing profit over their usual investment. For example, a profit organization will try to earn back ten dollars on every one dollar spent that goes to the business. A non-profit organization will try and earn back the same amount to simply balance out the spending and revenue.

Non-profit organizations are usually tax exempt and...
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