Analyse a Case Study `Change at Whirlpool Coroporationanalyse a Case Study `Change at Whirlpool Coroporation

Topics: Strategic management, Brand, Marketing Pages: 5 (1420 words) Published: March 18, 2012
Environmental analysis (PESTEL , 5 forces
The political changes are likely to influence Whirlpool only insomuch it can affect the markets the company sells to , causing political instability that will wreak havoc in the economy . The company has already sustained , for instance , losses in South America - it can suffer more if the region experiences riots or major political upheavals Economic

The organization is affected by the prosperity of people in the markets it targets that will translate into changes in both

replacement purchases and level of activity in construction companies Economic activity will affect the relative weight of upscale brands such as KintchenAid as c compared to Frigidaire or Rapor brands Social

Increase in importance of family values can drive sales up
Adolescents leaving home earlier can also contribute to sales revenue Technological
Speed of innovation in electronic appliances
Possible merging of digital , information , and household appliances technologies Environmental
Demands of environmental groups can affect manufacturing
Government regulations for environmental reporting
Safety issues in production that can cause lawsuits
Non-discrimination in the workplace
Safety of equipment usage
Strategic capability (CSFs , value chain , resources and competences Critical Success Factors (CSFs ) of Whirlpool are
Operational Excellence
Marketing Power
The organisation has to preserve its advantage in the first , as proficiency in operations will drive its profits even in the face of stagnating or even declining revenues On the other hand , it has to realize that in the contemporary market for consumer appliances , it fell behind competitors in terms of building the power of its brands , and now is the time to overcome this drawback The value chain of an organization includes

Suppliers of Inputs Manufacturing Operations Sales and Marketing Logistics Distribution through Retail In this chain , the company can increase its capabilities by relocating more production to the suppliers of inputs . Although this strategy has a risk since it makes Whirlpool dependent on other companies , it can also save space in the factory and simplify operations The core competencies of the organisation include

Production of consumer household appliances of high quality
Operating throughout the world
Building successful relations with distributors
Whirlpool 's resources include
Well-known consumer brand
A stable workforce with long tenure in the company
Accumulated knowledge of operations and industry
Organisational context (stakeholder analysis , organisational culture The list of Whirlpool 's stakeholders will include a large number employees , customers , shareholders , suppliers , professional associations , suppliers , interest groups including environmentalists the community , the press , analysts etc . Prioritization of these stakeholders , relying on the current strategy of Brand Creation should perhaps place customers on top and make their concerns a priority as compare , for instance , with those of employees who have to cater to clients ' demands . In the long run , such prioritization should deliver value to shareholders as well . In general , Whirlpool can identify those stakeholders it wants to Manage Closely : customers , shareholders

Keep Satisfied : employees , suppliers
Keep Informed : interest groups , community
Monitor : the press , analysts , professional associations
Whirlpool 's organizational culture as envisaged by employees seems to be relatively risk-averse . The negative side of it is that it does not encourage innovation and initiative , the thing the management will want to change in the implementation of its new plan that will reshape the strategic thinking at the company . On the other hand , such a change can prove stressful to employees who have got used to working in small-town ' conditions where their environment is more or less safe Generation...
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