Analyse the Role of Government Policies and Community Structures in Supporting the Aged (8 Marks)

Topics: Retirement, Pension, Superannuation in Australia Pages: 3 (1151 words) Published: October 15, 2012
Analyse the role of government policies and community structures in supporting the aged (8 marks) Name and define| Describe – characteristics and examples

The Aged according to the Australian Beure of Statistics (ABS) are those aged 65 and over. Old aged may identify people 75-80 years older. However many people’s perceptions of the aged are based upon stereotypes.  Many of the aged need support to assist them with their needs. There are both government and community assistance which help in providing financial, educational and health needs for the aged. Some government assistance includes government policies, government departments and home and community care. Government policies and regulations are laws passed in parliament that either promote assistance to the group or put regulations in place to deny groups access to service/resources that will increase safety of population. The main types of policies available to the aged are The Aged Pension, Compulsory Superannuation and Concession Cards. The Aged Pension is designed to meet the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter and can be accessed at 65 years of age; however access to The Aged Pension is also determined by income and assets. If you have a high amount of income, assets held outside Australia and debts owing to you then you are ineligible to gain a good amount of money. An individual may receive approx. $580 a fortnight; but must have lived in Australia for more than ten years to receive this support. This can impact positively on the emotional and also financial wellbeing of the aged as the money they are receiving could help with the needs that weren’t being met therefore making them feel satisfied with the government support service and could recommend it to other older people they know. However it may also impact negatively on their emotional and financial wellbeing as it may be difficult for people to access it if they haven’t been living in Australia for more than ten years and...
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