Analyse the Benefits of Internet Marketing to Customers M1

Topics: Retailing, Online shopping, Price comparison service Pages: 3 (675 words) Published: June 18, 2012
Analyse the benefits of internet marketing to customers M1

There are a lot of benefits the customers enjoy when they do their shopping online, such as:  
Cheaper and More Flexible
If the customers do their shopping online from this they can save the travel cost and less time; if customers go to the shop, they have to look around for the product they want to buy but online it’s just one click of a button. If they look at the ASOS website it's very straightforward and eye catching for the customer who doesn't know who to use a computer would easily be able to use the website for their shopping. If still the customer can't find the things they are looking for they can find that by writing in the search engine:  

At ASOS customers can also choose the time they want the deliveries to come.

24/7 Presence
Customers also don’t have to worry about the timing the shops closes, putting notes outside the door for customers and also no worries about bank holidays. This way the customer won’t be getting disappointed at the end because they can visit the ASOS website any time they are free and do their shopping. If the customer wants to ask any question they can ask online and get the answer back same day too. Whereas the Shops have their own opening time and the customers have to wait for the shops to open so they can do their shopping. They also have to keep some days in mind before they go for shopping, for example; on Sundays the shops get close really quickly and this could be a disappointment to the customers if they get to the shop and they are closed.  

Share Experience
Many people have complains about the service they use sometime and they want to share their opinion to other people or member of the staff so they won’t experience that again. On ASOS website the customer can complain and comment on the things they like or dislike with the help of a feedback form on the website.   

 Customers can compare online
One of the greatest...
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