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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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| | USA|
Environment| Competition| - Since the 90s , all thoothpastes in the US offered fluoride protection - Main competitors are represented by : Procter&Gamble (Crest), GlaxoSmithKline (Aquafresh, Sensodyne), and Churc &Dwight (Arm&Hammer, Close-up, Mentadent, Aim, Pepsodent)- Growth of Crest’s value hare of the retail toothpaste market thanks to new product intiatives such : * Crest+Scope which is positioned as a toothpaste and mouthwash product that also whitened teeth(achieved a 5,4% retail value share in 2004) * CWE positioned as a “flavor-based experiential toothpaste that also whitens teeth(achieved a 5,2% share by the end of 2004 behind a 18,8% media advertising share of voice)- Aquafresh extreme clean launched in 2004 which is positioned on “clean and fresh breath| | Culture| - Long history in dental cream- Market divided into therapeutic and cosmetic benefits| | Consumers ‘ need market| - Consumers had evolved to additional oral concerns including stained teeth, sensitive gums and bath breath- Interest in the “breath strip in toothpaste” technology - Cavity/fluoride protection is the key benefit sought, followed by reduction in plaque build-up, breath-freshening, and tartar control.| | Market share| - 2004 : $2,438 million U.S retail toothpaste market had grown in dollar value by 8 % since 2008- U.S leader in 2004 Value Share of toothpaste market- Record of 34,8% value share in the important us market in 2005- Leading US toothpaste brand with a 30% value share| Objectives| Describe them| - Maximize the business potential in the local market- Enhance CP’s global leadership position in its core businesses- Advertising spending was carefully targeted at new hight margin products and at high potential markets such as US- Improve relation between research and development and CICs to develop new products- Evalutation of any project’s viability (franchise growth, net of cannibalization, product’s volume and profit...
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