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By | November 2012
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Being a precedent global mining group, Rio Tinto, the single economic entity , is united by two companies , Rio Tinto plc, and Rio Tinto Limited. (Rio Tinto. 2012). In 2011, the aluminum business makes a disastrous impact in the whole years’ business performance. As a result , the data from every aspects showed the business in 2011 is much weaker than it in 2010, and they even begins to dismiss employees. Whereas, attributing the success to its outstanding year Iron Ore business that has put the firm in a strong position to tackle the uncertain situation they confront, the enterprise survives in a finance contagion. (Albanese T, 2011, P.2) This essay is to discuss whether Rio Tinto deserves investment. The key figures of the firm’s financial statement are shown as follows:• | |2010 |2011 | |Net profit before tax; |15098 |6765 | |net profit after tax; |20491 |13214 | |total comprehensive income; |16492 |4365 | |sales; |59214 |65622 | |Total assets |112773 |119545 | |current assets |21459 |21898 | |current liabilities |12876 |14966 | |Cash flow from operating activities |23530 |27388 |

(group income statement annual report ,...

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