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John Joseph
Professor Jeff Sansone
September 04, 2012
Mid-Term Exam Analog
1. A split console has a separate inputs and monitor channels. Input channels on the left and monitor channels on the right. Inline console have both the monitor and channel paths on the same I/O module. Each module has two faders one for channel path and one for the monitor path. SSL 4000 G-series is an inline console and Trident Series 65 is split console. 2. The routing matrix allows an I/O module to route to the first 32 group outputs as well as the main Quad Buss. 3. Advantages of a analog console are controls are simultaneously accessible, work and repair your own console, don’t need to send it back to the manufacturer if you know what you are doing. Sound quality, full fidelity, represents reality electrically. Disadvantages are takes longer to setup, to patch FX from outboard gear to busses or individual channels takes time. Expensive using analog to record and mix requires a lot of external hardware that is very costly. 4. N/A

5. N/A
6. External to Monitor button on the SSL console if pressed, removes the mix buss from the monitors and replaces it with any of the 13 buttons above it. 7. Direct button is used to route the post channel fader signal on the I/O module directly to the Multitrack group output bypassing the routing matrix, group mix buss, group mix amp, and group trim control. 8. Float button re-routes either of the two faders whichever is assigned to the main Quad Buss Pans, up to the routing matrix in order to facilitate track bouncing and audio sub-grouping arrangements. 9. In mix mode the large fader- Tape return channel path, line in, EQ/Dynamics, Quad Buss and the small fader-monitor path, tape input, routing matrix 10. In record mode the Large VCA fader controls the channel path (Multitrack routing matrix) through group output to tape machine. Small fader monitors the Multitrack sends and returns and feeds these...
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