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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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Bezuglaya Anastasiya 1ATM

Analysis of From: WS written by L.P.Hartley

The extract under consideration tells mysterious story of writer, Walter Streeter, who was receiving strange postcards from anonymous addresser. These postcards didn’t content any explicated threat, but the tone was criticizing and ironical, which made Walter feel uneasy. He consulted his friend, who supposed that this could be a woman-lunatic, and finally went to police, but this didn’t help him to disclose a secret.

The extract is divided into four parts, according to the number of received post cards. This third-persona narration is interlaced with psychological and logical reflections of the main character. There isn’t any introduction; the author involves readers straight into action from the very beginning. Hartley make us follow the main character, watch his actions and share his emotions and psychological state. This state is changing from letter to letter, what is shown by mean of extended gradation. At first the main character was uninterested in received postcard and tore up the photograph. However this post card pushed him to further thinking. Walter is reflecting on the characters he had created whether they are realistic or not and compare these character with his own personality. Throughout his doubts we can make a conclusion, that he is sensitive, self-criticizing and irresolute person. The second postcard made him feel more anxious. Walter wondered about the sender and felt, that these postcards offend his writing abilities, what is described with simile ‘as though someone had taken hold of his personality and was pulling it apart”. Here is possible to observe some features of the split personality of the main character. There is no direct mentioning of this fact, but readers are able to understand, that the change in the manner of Walter’s writing reflects the change in his psychic state. The author employs such epithet as “the faint string of curiosity” to describe...
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