Analisis of Te Flannery O´Connor´S Text: ''a Good Man Is Hard to Find”

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  • Published : August 8, 2011
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Analisis of te Flannery O´Connor´s text: ''A GOOD MAN IS HARD TO FIND”

As the title says: a good man is hard to find. But it´s not easy to find a good woman either, even if she is an old and cristian lady. Perhaps the author chose this protagonist on purpose to show that the lack of humanity is found anywhere or anyone. In the beggining of the text, when the grandmother hear about the scaped prisioner she says:

I wouldn´t take my children in any direction with a criminal like that allose in it. I couldn´t answer to my concience if I did.(page 166, line 11)

Ironicaly, that was exactly what she did. Even worse, she took whole family to die. But she had to answer to her concience what she did, not only these time, but along her whole life. That´s also ironic that she had taken the cat with her, afraid of something bad would happens to it, but it´s the only one in the family that, apparently, stay alive. Since “ we cannot face a short story as if it were a mathematical problem with one single result”(Bonnici, p.140), we´ll analise each element of narrative and try to reach some possible interpretations.

Behind the label of being A Good Man, the grandmother hides many of the possible themes for the text in question. Perhaps selfishness, manipulation, poor judjement and blind fate are some of them. She calls Red Sammy a good man when in fact he was naive. She also call The Misfit good man with the aim of manipulate his intelligence using the power that language can offer with it´s multiples possibilities of influence and persuading: she tried to make him to consider that as a good man he would not kill an old christian lady. But she didn´t reach the inconcient of a serial killer. What she done was find herself and her owm bad concience.

In the text ''A Good Man is Hard to Find'' we have an heterodiegetic narrator, which does not participates of the story. The most part of time it´s on a objective external focus, but...
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