Analisis Laporan Keuangan Pt Scm

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  • Published: October 27, 2010
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BAB 1 TINJAUAN ANALISIS LAPORAN KEUANGAN| Analisis Laporan Keuangan PT Surya Citra Media|

I.Menjelaskan Analisis Bisnis dan Hubungannya dengan Analisis Laporan Keuangan6
II.Analisis Bisnis PT Surya Media Citra Tbk7
A.Business Environment7
B.Business Strategy9
III. Analisis Menggunakan Laporan Keuangan12
IV.Analisis Keuangan12
V. Analisis Akuntansi19
VII.Menganalisis dan Menginterpretasikan Laporan Keuangan sebagai Awal Analisis yang Lebih Mendetail23
VIII.Menerapkan Beberapa Teknik Dasar Analisis Laporan Keuangan24
IX.Menentukan dan Merumuskan beberapa Model Penilaian Fundamental24
X.Menjelaskan Maksud Analisis Laporan Keuangan dalam Pasar yang Efisien24

Tujuan Analisis
I. Menjelaskan Analisis Bisnis dan Hubungannya dengan Analisis Laporan Keuangan

Financial Statement
Managers’ superior information on business activities
Estimation Errors
Distortions from managers’ accounting choices
Accounting System
Measure and report economic
Consequences of business activities
Accounting Strategy
Choice of accounting policies
Choice of accounting estimates
Choice of reporting format
Choice of supplementary disclosure
Accounting Environment
Capital Market structure
Contracting and Governance
Accounting Conventions and regulations
Tax and Financial Accounting linkages
Third Party Auditing
Legal system for Accounting disputes
Business Activities
Operating Activities
Investment Activities
Financing Activities

Business Strategy
Scope of Business
Degree of diversification
Type of diversification
Competitive Positioning
Cost of Leadership
Key Success factors and risk
Business Environment
Labor market
Capital market
Product market
Business Regulation

II. Analisis Bisnis PT Surya Media Citra Tbk

A. Business Environment
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