Analise the Methods in Which One Right Wing Leader Established and Maintained over a Single Party State

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  • Published : March 12, 2013
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October 26th 2011

Analyse the methods in which one right wing leader established and maintained Over a single party state.

Benito Andrea Amilcare Mussolini was born in Predappio (Emilia Romagna), on July 29th 1883, the son of Alessandro, a socialist blacksmith and Rosa a religion teacher at the local school. In 1914 Benito joined the army and later WW1 to fight for his country. Once the war was over he slowly started to rise to power.

Mussolini started to gain power in the 1920s; he got support from upper class people, land and factory owners as well as the King. Mussolini believed that the lower class’s support was not necessary, and that they would soon decide to follow him anyways. In 1921 Benito Mussolini decided to go to parliament, as head of 250 fascist deputies, and on the third assembly he formed the National Fascist Party. He paid special attention to the instability which Italy was in, both politically and economically, and took advantage of the situation to rise through the unhappiness and uncertainty showing himself to be the man who could possibly stabilize the country. He gained power through careful manipulation and political intimidation until on October 28th 1922, Mussolini and twenty five thousand fascist followers marched into Rome and on October 30th he was asked to form the governement.

As Mussolini was rising to power he focused on beating his opponents. He worried so much about his enemies that he paid close attention to every step they took, and if they turned out to be dangerous he had them killed secretly or found a way to get rid of them. An example of Mussolini’s initial crimes may be the misterious assassination of Giacomo Matteotti a Socialist rival who fought all his life against the fascist regime. Mussolini finally established his dictatorship in January 1925.

Unlike Hitler, Mussolini did not terrorize his country to gain power; he used powerful speeches to convince the entire nation that Fascism was the...
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