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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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Character Analysis Essay

The character I am analyzing is Brutus. In the play Julius Caesar Brutus is antagonist. Brutus’s family history is that his ancestors killed all of the people who tried to become a tyrant or dictator of Rome. Brutus is very gullible, caring, and very honorable person.

Brutus is caring. Brutus loves all of Rome and the citizens that live there. He would do anything to protect those citizens, even go against a friend. He is so caring that when he thought that the citizens were in fear of Julius Caesar becoming a tyrant he got together with the conspirators to kill him.

Brutus is very gullible. He is easy to trick into doing something. I made that comment because, for him to join the conspirators Cassius wrote notes on rocks and threw them in Brutus’s window acting like they are from the citizens. So as he cared about Caesar he cared for the citizens more and Cassius used that to trick him so easily. Brutus would have believed or went through with anything if he believed it was right.

Brutus is honorable. He is honorable because when the conspirators killed Caesar he was the only one who did it because he thought it was the right thing to do and that he was helping all of Rome. Brutus never did anything that wasn’t honorable. He had to kill his closest friend because he thought that he was causing everyone harm. Brutus was most of them all.

In the play Julius Caesar Brutus was my favorite character. He was the most honorable man in Rome and also the strongest because cant everyone kill there closest friend for the love of there country. Brutus wasn’t a bad person at all. RIP Marcus Junius Brutus
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