Anaerobic Metabolism Report

Topics: Cellular respiration, Adenosine triphosphate, Electron transport chain Pages: 3 (884 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Title: Anaerobic Metabolism and Exercise

In this experiment, the purpose of this experiment was to study anaerobic metabolism and blood lactate levels after different periods of rest. Anaerobic metabolism is used when aerobic metabolism can no longer fuel energy needs. Anaerobic metabolism is used in certain conditions such as when in low oxygen conditions and exercising exceeding the capacity for oxygen delivery to tissues and aerobic energy production. In these conditions during glycolysis, glucose is broken down to pyruvate, resulting in the production of ATP, while at the same time reducing NAD+ to NADH. When oxygen is readily available, pyruvate enters the Kreb’s cycle where it is completely oxidized to carbon dioxide, and NADH enters the electron transport chain where it is oxidized back to NAD+. When the supply of oxygen is insufficient (anaerobic metabolism) the Kreb’s cycle and electron transport slow or cease. Substances other than oxygen accept at the “downhill” end of the electron transport chains (Campbell and Reece, 2007). If no additional steps were to occur, pyruvate and NADH would accumulate and NAD+ would be depleted. Due to glycolysis requiring NAD+, it is important to have a way to convert NADH back into NAD+. The conversion of pyruvate into lactate by the enzyme lactate dehydrogenase, converts NADH to NAD+, allowing for the continued operation of glycolysis.

Materials and Methods:
Fundulus grandis was used during the experiment to test anaerobic metabolism. There was a total of 4 individual Fundulus grandis used per group, one for rest, exercise, 60 min rest and 180 min rest. A total of 15 subjects were used for rest, 17 for exercise, 15 for 60 min rest, and 16 for 180 min rest. The treatments that the subjects had to experience were being exercised for 5 minutes in the tank and then let to rest for the corresponding amount of times. Each individual fish was then killed to have the blood collected to measure blood...
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