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Topics: Massage, Physical therapy, Manual therapy Pages: 4 (1200 words) Published: January 22, 2013
A Day in the Life of a Physical Therapist Assistant
Rachel Cechura
Baker College

A Day in the Life of a Physical Therapist
What is a PTA? What do they do? PTA stands for a physical therapist assistant. What they do is provide physical treatment for individuals who need therapy to become physically healthy again. Of course being that there is an assistant, there has to be an actual physical therapist, which is the PT. The PT is mostly the observer, it tells the PTA what to do, but it does not actually do any of the hands-on work with the patient, which is left for the PTA. Physical therapist assistant’s treat around 10 patients on a daily basis. The patients do not all have the same medical problem, which means the treatment varies from patient to patient.

Aquatic Physical Therapy is the skilled practice of physical therapy in an aquatic environment, so basically physical therapy in water. It is a beneficial form of therapy to help treatment of many different types of medical conditions. Aquatic physical therapy includes treatment, rehabilitation, prevention, health, wellness and fitness of patient/client populations in an aquatic environment. This type of therapy may be used with supportive devices and equipment. Participation in aquatic therapy, the patient improves or maintains balance, coordination, agility, postural stabilization, flexibility, relaxation, muscle strength, and much more. A benefit of doing aquatic therapy is the buoyancy delivered by being submerged in the water. While being in the water the buoyancy helps in supporting the weight of the patient. This decreases the weight put upon the joint, which makes the joints relax and able to take therapy much easier and less painful, making the injury heel faster and easier. Another type of physical therapy is manual therapy. Manual physical therapy is a specialized form of physical therapy delivered with the hands as opposed to a device or machine. The purpose for...
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