An a Leader or a Follower Exist Without the Other ?

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Professor Billings English 1301 Feburary 3 ,2011

Can a Leader or a Follower exist without the other ?

If you have a leader can he or she exsit if no one chooses to follow them? Can a follower survive without anyone to lead or guide them? Can either one of them exsist without the other one? Or do the exist soley by themselves

According to the wordnet 3.0 a leader is a noun and provides three definitions. First one being , one who leads or conducts.Secondly, one who has authority to direct. Lastly , one who rules or guides and/or inspires others.

According to word net 3.0 a follower is a noun and provides two definitions . First one being, a person who accepts the leaderships of another. Lastly , someone who travels behind the leadership of another.

A few examples of common leaders are an orchestra conductor, the president of the United States, and parents. All of these leaders relly on their follower to be who and where the are today.
A few examples of common followers are orchestra instramentalists , the citizens of the United States ,and children. All of these followers relly on their success, safety , and guidenece from their leaders.

According to wordnet 3.0 a conductor is a noun and provides two deffinitons. First one being, the person who leads a musical group. Lastly, one who conducts a group of people. A conductor is in charge of keeping the tempo of a certain pice of music . With out the conductor there is no one to remind certains sections with in the orchestra to come in at their respective times. Also a conductor helps lead practice and teaches the orcherstra as a whole new music.He or she essistenly teaches, guides,and leads...
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