An Uphill Battle at Clayoquot

Topics: Protest, Civil disobedience, Demonstration Pages: 2 (681 words) Published: April 12, 2013
The small British Columbian community of Clayoquot Sound is home to diverse groups of First Nation people, many inhabitants, and a massive temporal rainforest. For ages, it was the largest untouched rainforest on Vancouver Island due mostly to its remote location.However, as of the late 1980’s and into the 1990’s, Clayoquot Sound was identified by logging companies as profitable due to its abundance of natural resources. The Canadian government along with a large-scale logging company called MacMillan Bloedel issued a compromise between the company, the residents of Clayoquot Sound, and environmental organizations from the area. The company and government proposed that 33% of the forest would be preserved and the other two thirds would be clear cut. However, clear cutting is one of the least sustainable methods of logging, especially on such a large territory. The proposal was met with outrage and rejected by the people of Clayoquot Sound. They rallied together to protest the environmental degradation and unsustainable foresting in their community. The summer of 1993 was an eventful one for the usually quiet community. The largest and most media covered demonstration for the social movement was held in order to protest against the clear cut of the rainforest. Friends of Clayoquot Sound, a community based grassroots organization dedicated to environmental conservation, along with community residents, Nuu-Cha Nulth First Nations people, the Sierra Club, and Greenpeace teamed up to stage a peaceful demonstration using civil disobedience tactics. They were to create blockades and rally in order to physically block out loggers from going to work. A total of 11 000 people participated in protest tactics. The ways in which the movement was framed gave rise to its success. The movement was pre-social network, so it relied on mainstream media coverage to disseminate their message. With the help of seasoned frame-creating organizations such as Greenpeace, the movement...
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