An Unusual Request

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  • Published : May 26, 2013
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nusual An unusual request.

Why did I even attempt to help that man? Why was I so foolish? I should have smelt a rat. Complying with that request has caused me so much trouble. I should have been more cautious. Relating back to that incident, I felt how simple-minded I had been…

In the morning, the scorching and blazing hot sun shone mercilessly towards planet earth, baking the ground with a vengeance. Sitting in front of my study table, the menacing heat of the sun had already started to force body sweat out of me. Halfway through studying, I stared into space as boredom begun crept me. I decided to go down to the park beside my house for a stroll.

As I entered the park, the fresh air filtered my nostrils. The cool breeze caressed my cheeks. I witness cute baby birds chirping sweetly. The laughter and joy of the children in the park made felt a pinch of jealousy as they could enjoy their lives while I had to struggle with my studies. The park seemed more peaceful than ever with the fresh green grass and clear blue clouds filling the background.

At an instance, a man with a built-body came running towards me. He was wearing a dark-blue hoody and a shades. He had an ugly scar across his cheek. He had this crooked look in his eyes. He was holding a suspicious looking parcel. Panting breathlessly, he begun” excuse me boy, can you help me hold this parcel while I drive my car over to the roadside?” I gave him a quizzical look and then reluctantly agreed to help him. He gave me a creepy smile and thanked me for my help.

I waited for him for approximately 20 minutes but he failed to appear. I started getting anxious, worrying about where he had gone. Then out of curiosity, I decided to check out what was inside the parcel. I carefully opened the parcel and the most gruesome sight had befallen me. A bloody head, without a body, stared lifelessly at me. I threw the box in the air in shock and shrieked hysterically. I nearly puked at the...
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