An Unpleasant Experience

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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Courtney Bensman
AP English Language and Composition, 2
Mrs. Allen
08 December 2012
An Unpleasant Experience
My aunt Megan has always been one of my best friends. Being only twelve when I was born, we’ve had a really close relationship my entire life. To me, she doesn’t seem like she’s my aunt; she’s more of a sister figure. Every twist and turn in each other’s lives, we have always been there for one another, no matter what. We have grown especially close since I’ve gotten older and become a teenager. I’ve been there for her through her divorce, break-ups, family issues, and even when she had an eating disorder, although I do not remember it for myself. I was only four years old when Megan developed her anorexia, but she tells me I was a major part in her want to get better and become healthy. It’s a miracle that she has got through this disorder, considering some people fall victim to the extreme effects of the disorder for the rest of their lives. Even though Megan’s eating disorder ended over ten years ago, she still faces physical challenges today from the intense conditions she had put her body through.

Megan had initially started to lose weight because she didn’t like being overweight. She knew she was chubby, and she didn’t want to be. She weighed 190 pounds as a sophomore in high school. Especially being a teenage girl, there were many factors that pressured her to lose weight, like experiencing a lot of ridicule from other people. She was known as ‘the fat girl’. She felt out of place around her friends when they got attention from guys and she didn’t. Megan wanted that same attention. When her friends went swimming, she would always sit out because she didn’t want anyone to see her in a swim suit. She was very insecure about her body image. Megan’s overall reason that she lost weight all began with other people. Another reason a lot of girls and women fall into this disorder is from stress and other challenges at home. At...
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